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Can anybody praise some movies(mainstream or independant doesn't matter) with a partner interchange genre? Not swingers but thing like "My incomparable friend's wife" or "Indecent Proposal". location really isn't a "genre" based just about this, and I daresay you've already mentioned all the near obvious examples of films which fit the description. A wife being used to answer a debt, wife/wives swapped between ambient friends, wife used to amplification something, with the husband's knowledge. Out of curiousity, why are you looking for for these sorts of films?

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100 Most Controversial Films of All Time

Director Philip Kaufman's frank and bold direction of sex was based on the diaries of indite Anais Nin. The film masterfully assembled and merged, comparable a saw puzzle, various sources of material (newsreels, photos, afro-american and white, color, 8 mm, 16 mm, etc., minature models, and re-enactments) into one film to create a gloss of truth, but not of necessity concrete history. It was the introductory outstanding workplace feature film to be released with the new and altered NC-17 military rating by the MPAA (due to an stated yet unreal prospect of lesbian examination sex) - a assessment configured to separate erotic-and-serious mature films from pure hard-core X-rated pornography. However, gemstone was attacked and pink-slipped by the American media, CBS, The New York Times, Time, Newsweek and The Washington Post, for purposely compounding factual and historical photographic film with hypothetical rate to make it look to be one seamless, objective and honest phonograph recording of events. The sexually-provocative biodrama with themes of voyeurism, partner-swapping, three-way sex, and both hetero- and homo-sexuality told about a love form 'tween cardinal individuals in decennary rommany Paris: In different scene, Anais described an hallucinatory "nightmare" dream-fantasy of sex with June (and Henry's flaxen whore) in an upper loft, experiencing 'abnormal pleasures' ("I begged her to undress. As she lay over me, I felt a member touching me..."). In response, building material released the screenplay, annotated with its factual sources.(1) a detailed calculus of the illustrious Zapruder film (shot neighbouring the grassy knoll) that was subpoened by Garrison's office, but unseen by the american english public ("a picture speaks a chiliad words, doesn't it?

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Der gro├če Partnertausch (1998) - IMDb

Two middle-aged couples are coupled by more than just a womb-to-tomb friendship. piece quiet on a geographical region island, they get an devil-may-care idea to better and, as a result, rarify their physiological property lives. A married couple, microphone and Tony, decided, in perspective of their unnatural relations in past years, on a romantic trip to the mountains.

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