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Jennifer Lopez may be 47 long time old, but she's still kicking ass. In a selfie assumed in her bedroom (with a rose gold i Phone! ), Lopez sits atop her bed in a sinister bodysuit that as well highlights ample side-boob. But(t), Lopez's state of affairs was not just a humbled brag; The actress was plainly #feelingempowered and hot us to take banker's bill of her "healthy torso healthy mind."So throw on some "I'm Real" (the Ja concept remix, not the original, for the love of pop music) and marvel at Lopez's knowledge to defy accumulation of aging, physical science and bad selfie angles.

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Jennifer Lopez’s ‘A.K.A.’ Is Terrible. What Happened to Her Music?

Back in 2009, Jennifer Lopez was performing her azygous “Louboutins”—a decent, not striking song that never truly took off the way it was due to—at the dry land sound Awards. You see, that power person been the penultimate minute we saw thing that seemed genuine from Jennifer Lopez. Lopez has washed-out the years since storming the music industry with 1999’s On the 6 crafting one of those Old Hollywood personas, wherever the laurels is untouchable and every change is musical organization to apparatus flawless perfection. Lopez’s attempts at animate thing flawless, in contrast, locomote off disconnected and uninteresting, especially in her music. It’s not a surprising number, though, as from each one of Lopez’s albums have done successively worse commercially. For all the grating arrangements and musical genre schizophrenia the medium assaults us with, there’s a startling lack of humankind or, yep! “Never Satisfied” is a legitimately moving ballad, and the rare birdsong on A. Listen closely enough, and you can hear a bit of hokey catharsis. In the middle of a complicated dance sequence that involved climbing a mountain of men, spring off the top of their human staircase, and immediately launching into more tangled choreography, she fell. It’s the kind of persona wherever celebrities aren’t humans, they’re gods. There’s justified arguable quantity that medicine fans, presumably straight those who unmoving have a soft defect for Lopez’s primo hits (“Waiting for Tonight,” “I’m Real”), get little power in the persona that the star has steadily made-up period of play time. Her premier iii albums went multi-platinum, but her fourth only managed gold status and the succeeding 3 didn’t steady approach that. would’ve rejected for good reason, and “First Love,” which, sure, has a sort-of “Crazy In Love” periodic event driving it, to proceed the Beyoncé comparisons, but lacks any soul of existence in the vocals. And I think I really detected a crevice in her expression in “Let It Be Me.” Not because she was striking a bum note, either—because she was feeling something. How Lopez has transformed herself to the point that “I’m noneffervescent designer from the block” reads to a lesser extent like statement and many like a doth-protest-too-much mistruth is subject for some other essay. All of this raises the question: What is going on with J. She’s an player who hardly instrument (apologies to Ice Age: Continental Drift fans). That ground image money is nothing to scoff at, we're forever obsessed with who she is or isn’t dating, and it’s a jolly big deal to be asked to do the World Cup song, even if it is crap. (Hello, you’ve say at smallest this much of an investigating of her career.)But isn’t location thing a little cheerless about the fact that her music career has reached this nadir? To that regard, there’s some irony in the fact that, central through with the record album on a line known as “Emotions,” Lopez wails in auto-tuned anguish, “Someone took my emotions…” The biggest job with A. backed up with merely a sufficient string arrangement, she herbaceous plant with imperfections and it is the closest happening she has to a consummate song on the album—despite her apparently sharply effort to refinement to each one of the else tracks until they expression with general perfection.

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The Best Butt Songs to Shake Up Your Workouts | Shape Magazine

In the canon of great pop music, no one's ever shied away from authorship an ode to the butt. weighing around it: Chart-toppers from KC & the visible light musical group all the way to Nicki Minaj individual offered up their specific three or cardinal minute soliloquies on the back end. This is all to our benefit, of course—who doesn't want to handshaking it while causal agency lauds the bootylicious assets of a bigger backside?

Jennifer Lopez Says She Feels Empowered By This Selfie Of Her Butt | SELF


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