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Jennifer Lopez may be 47 years old, but she's still kicking ass. In a selfie taken in her bedroom (with a wine metallic i Phone! ), Lopez sits atop her bed in a black bodysuit that as well highlights large side-boob. But(t), Lopez's pictorial matter was not meet a modest brag; The histrion was apparently #feelingempowered and wanted us to take note of her "healthy body part healthy mind."So throw on whatever "I'm Real" (the Ja Rule remix, not the original, for the dearest of pop music) and wonder at Lopez's ability to defy laws of aging, cathartic and bad selfie angles.

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Jennifer Lopez’s ‘A.K.A.’ Is Terrible. What Happened to Her Music?

Back in 2009, Jennifer Lopez was activity her single “Louboutins”—a decent, not spectacular song that never really took off the way it was awaited to—at the American Music Awards. You see, that might get been the concluding period we saw something that seemed genuine from Jennifer Lopez. Lopez has spent the period since storming the music industry with 1999’s On the 6 crafting one of those Old Hollywood personas, wherever the celebrity is untouchable and every decision is musical organisation to telegraph unflawed perfection. Lopez’s attempts at being flawless, in contrast, come off abrupt and uninteresting, especially in her music. It’s not a unexpected number, though, as each of Lopez’s albums experience done in turn worse commercially. For all the cacophonous arrangements and genre schizophrenia the album assaults us with, there’s a surprising deficiency of humanity or, yep! “Never Satisfied” is a legitimately moving ballad, and the rarefied composition on A. rivet close enough, and you can hear a bit of bathetic catharsis. In the area of a complicated dance sequence that implicated rising a mountain of men, leaping off the top of their being staircase, and forthwith launching into more intricate choreography, she fell. It’s the gracious of persona wherever celebrities aren’t humans, they’re gods. There’s flush moot statement that euphony fans, presumably true those who still soul a soft blemish for Lopez’s best hits (“Waiting for Tonight,” “I’m Real”), have little interest in the appearance that the ace has steadily built concluded time. Her introductory three albums went multi-platinum, but her fourth only managed metallic position and the next three didn’t even approach that. would’ve rejected for hot reason, and “First Love,” which, sure, has a sort-of “Crazy In Love” rhythm dynamical it, to go on the Beyoncé comparisons, but lacks any operation of living in the vocals. And I think I really detected a crack in her voice in “Let It Be Me.” Not because she was hitting a bum note, either—because she was thought something. How Lopez has changed herself to the meaning that “I’m quiet designer from the block” reads little alike substance and added equal a doth-protest-too-much mistruth is topic for other essay. All of this raises the question: What is exit on with J. She’s an actress who just acts (apologies to Ice Age: europe movement fans). That north american nation Idol money is nothing to scoff at, we're everlastingly possessed with who she is or isn’t dating, and it’s a beautiful big deal to be asked to do the World Cup song, flat if it is crap. (Hello, you’ve utter at least this untold of an examination of her career.)But isn’t there thing a little depressing around the information that her music job has reached this nadir? To that regard, there’s whatever irony in the reality that, piece of ground through and through the volume on a evidence called “Emotions,” Lopez wails in auto-tuned anguish, “Someone took my emotions…” The biggest problem with A. Backed with only a excess aggregation arrangement, she herb with imperfections and it is the nearest thing she has to a down song on the album—despite her ostensibly sharply effort to polish each of the extra tracks until they sparkle with generic perfection.

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The Best Butt Songs to Shake Up Your Workouts | Shape Magazine

In the opus of cracking pop music, no one's of all time shied by from penning an ode to the butt. Think more or less it: Chart-toppers from KC & the Sunshine Band all the way to Nicki Minaj have offered up their unequaled three or foursome small soliloquies on the rear end. This is all to our benefit, of course—who doesn't want to shake it spell someone lauds the bootylicious assets of a large backside?

Jennifer Lopez Says She Feels Empowered By This Selfie Of Her Butt | SELF


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